Are Open-back headphones Really Good for All Purpose?

Vast variety of headphones

Before discovery of amplifiers, headphones that originated from the earpiece of telephone receiver, were the lone way to listen to electrical audio signals. The early developed headphones used balanced or single-ended armatured moving iron drivers. With passage of time, technology was able to affect many modifications in the headphones making it perfect for various purposes. Today, you won’t find a single type of headphone, but many varieties in the categories specified for headphones. There are wired headphones and cordless as well that don’t use wires. There are big sized circumaural headphones having large pads to surround the outer ear to prevent the effect of external noise, and the smaller and lighter supra-aural headphones having pads that press against the ears causing reduced effect of outside noise, for more visit


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Existing headphone types

Circumaural and supra-aural are broad categories of headphones that have different type headphones. Open-back headphones have open back of earcups that lets more surrounding sound to enter, but gives effect of more natural or speaker-like sound. Closed-back headphones have closed earcups back and block a bit of surrounding sound and tend to produce stronger low frequencies. Semi-open design of headphone has been created for marketing purposes, but it doesn’t seem to have any specific purpose. In-ear earphones are very small headphones that are good for use with portable devices like mobile phone or a Walkman. Ear-fitting earphones are also portable version of headphones. Besides, there are headsets for voice chat, telephone headsets for use with fixed-line telephone system, and mixed fitting pivoting earphones that can be used for stand by or background voice/music listening.

Good to buy headphone

From different available types, it’s hard to say which type is good because the efficiency of a specific type depends upon its purpose and the surroundings. Open-back headphones are generally favored by most people. It’s better to refer Yazoo Records Buyer’s Guide that can provide ample idea about the headphone that will suit a specific purpose.


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