What is the best quality of glass to be used for Windshield?

When you are looking for a glass for a windshield, you need to know that there are three unique sorts of auto glass which are utilized to replace the existing windshield of your car and it becomes very important to keep the windshield of your car in a good shape.

The three different types of windshield glasses that are available in the market are the dealer glass and the second type is called as the aftermarket glass and the other one is the OEM. Check for different types of windshield glasses on http://trustedwindshieldreplacementphoenix.com/ .

If you are looking to buy the windshield glass directly from a car dealer or a car merchant then that type of windshield glass type is known as dealer glass and these glasses are the ones which would have received a certification by the car manufacturer. There are a lot of stores that has these kinds of windshield glasses and these can be found on http://trustedwindshieldreplacementphoenix.com/

Phoenix Windshield Replacement

OEM implies to the guaranteed parts and the ones that are approved by the car merchants and the dealers.  These glasses are also similar to that of the dealer glass types and these glasses usually retain the fitment of the car. You can always look for the best quality windshield glasses on http://trustedwindshieldreplacementphoenix.com/

Aftermarket glass is usually produced by organizations that have a direct agreement with the automobile manufacturers especially the car makers. These glasses are also very similar to that of OEM and the dealer glasses, however, they are relatively low in cost and hence it becomes easily available to all of them. The thickness of these glasses is made to match the originally manufactured glass of the car and this cannot be quickly differentiated when you replace it.

These are the different types of glasses that are manufactured specifically for windshields.

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