Camps that Grow the Science in You

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Science camps with your kid give you excellent opportunities to grow the science in you, help your kid learn, and have a refreshing, fun and educational summer. Most science camps are designed for kids, some involve the parents. Some camps are free, others charge a small fee.

No matter where you live in the country, you’ll find science camps and summer programs near you. These will be called STEM camps – referring to the science, technology, engineering and math skills that these camps support and strengthen.

Now, there are many formats of science camps. Some are residential camps while others are day camps. These camps may focus on every science and engineering subject possible, such as space science, architecture, zoo animals, the environment, dinosaur fossils, robotics etc.

Science camps are particularly fun because they are usually held in summer. Kids also enjoy camping with others their age. Plus, there’s informal learning involved, and you and your child will return home having developed an interest and possibly a passion for science.

How to choose a science camp

There are hundreds of science camps to choose from, for young kids to older kids. For older kids in particular, science camps can become a valuable addition to their CV and bring them opportunities like internships.

To choose a suitable science camp, start by finding out what the topic of interest is. Is your child interested in robots? They may enjoy a robotics camp. If they love hiking, they could join a junior park ranger camp. Kids who enjoy building things with LEGO may enjoy architecture camps. Kids who love video games may enjoy joining a camp that teaches kids how to create their own video game. The opportunities are endless.

Make sure that the camp you choose offers plenty of interactive and hands-on activities. That’s what makes a camp fun, and science camps should first and foremost be fun. Only then will your child develop an innate interest in the subject.

Older students might enjoy camps where distinguished professors are brought in to deliver lectures. There is plenty of group interaction and activities that further help to ‘grow the science in your child’.

Where can you find science camps? A search on Google for your location will show you the organizations that offer science camps. You can also ask at your local state or national park, zoo, planetarium, science museum, zoo etc. Also browse local parenting websites and magazines, or ask the school counselor for advice on choosing a camp suitable for your child.

Some fantastic choices are: National Computer Camps, Discovery Camp run by the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan, Space Camp in Alabama, the RoboTech Summer Camp at Rivier College New Hampshire, and the NASA-funded ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp.