Is carrageenanin food products safe for human intake?

Carrageenan is also known as Irish moss, extracted from red edible seaweed. Like cellulose, virgin wood pulp, in processed food is indigestible to humans but it works as thickening agent or emulsifier to keep other ingredients intact with proper bonding.

Start reading food to note that Carrageenan is injected into raw chicken and other meats to maintain the level of moisture. It’s added to keep cocoa in chocolate milk intact. It is also used in ice creams, cottage cheese, toothpaste much more similar products.


The Advantages of Carrageenan

One of the first important polysaccharides in algae is cellulose, or insoluble fiber content, which is nearly double the amount as all those seen in veggies and fruits acknowledged for the dietary fiber content such as apples and cabbage. It helps to preserve uniformity in bowel movements and elevate the body’s power to feel full, with zero caloric intakes.

The Misconception

Food grade carrageenins have been used since the fifteen century and have been widely reviewed by different experts. It is also approved for use in food products. Even though degraded form and food-grade forms are dissimilar, they have been mistakenly associated. If you have similar issues regarding this additive, you should know about the ingredient properly before come to any point.

It is indeed a wonder drug for Cancer, STD and HIV patients

Cervical cancer is in particular common in the United States, where around 10,000 women are diagnosed each year. The excessive amount of this additive in the body can cause a bad impact on human health. The symptoms start from the normal discomfort of stomach and headache.

It is always recommended to check the labels of ingredients to avoid its intake in large volume. Just purchase those products having Carrageenan as an additive which are certified by the respective government.

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