Data recovery training: a silent guardian in the age of cyber crime

Data recovery is a technique of retrieving data stored in a device like laptop, CD-ROM, pen drive, hard disk and external hard disk when the required data cannot be used in its normal way. The importance of data recovery training lies in the fact that at times a lot of important data are lost due to some reason or the other-data that is quintessential or extremely confidential.

Generally data is lost and needs retrieval due to the presence of viruses, bugs, malware, damage to device storage, and inability of the operating system to comprehend and access the data due to system failure.

Need for data recovery training

  • Data recovery is an important aspect of any business-be it international or regional. Can you imagine the amount of losses that will be incurred if important data is lost from the servers of a company?
  • On a personal front too, data recovery is of paramount importance. No one likes losing their personal data like pictures, music, or documents-sensitive information both at a professional and emotional front.
  • Even for countries and international agencies, losing out on sensitive and confidential data can lead to a crisis for the country and a huge question on its security and diplomatic affairs.

data recovery training


  • Accidental deletion of data.
  • Data recovery forms an integral part of forensics and crime investigation.
  • In the age of internet, it’s a daily norm to see suspicious malware being automatically installed, locking your computer and making it impossible for you to access your personal and work related data unless you either pay them a ransom or decide to completely lose your data. A course in data recovery training can prove to be quite a saviour in such aforesaid situations.

Scope of recovery training

Professionals trained in data recovery can either work on your own or can get employed by international companies like Google, Oracleand Facebook to name a few.

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