Dont mix phenibut and alcohol if you want to stay alive

Phenibut is a relaxation drug that was made in Russia. This can also be called as the sleep drug. It is a power like substance and is sour to taste. It can easily be mixed with water or alcohol. But any practicing physician will tell you “dont mix phenibut and alcohol”.

In small doses it cures anxiety, amnesia and sleeping disorders. However if you exceed the dosage of the drug then there may be side effects. The side effects of overdose include:

  • Sleepiness
  • Muscle relaxation.
  • Blurry memory.

dont mix phenibut and alcohol

Please dont mix phenibut and alcohol:

As it is you should not be taking this drug without consulting a doctor which might hamper your health. You should only consider it after the doctor has prescribed it to you. Without proper knowledge about the drug it could have fatal consequences.

Teenage people sometimes get their hands on these sensitive drugs and they start taking them with alcohol. This is not a very good thing. It reduces their life. You need someone to advise these kids that they dont mix phenibut and alcohol.

The combination of phenibut and alcohol has been known to take many lives in the past. If people do not consider the adverse effects of these two nerve relaxing agents there are bound to be more deaths.

It’s not all bad though. People who cannot sleep properly have received a lot of help from phenibut. Alcohol also has its advantages. But together they are a disaster. Sudden trauma and shock can be reduced by the use of this drug. It has been of great help in Russia.

Sometimes all you need to do is get good information about the product and its side effects before consumption. And a doctor will tell not to mix phenibut with alcohol for better health

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