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According to latest hirek, articles usually tell how people are fooled with liemax instead of IMAX. In past few years, technology has grown a lot, and similarly, this growth has taken place in the film industry. With the help of the newest technologies like digital media remastering now you can watch many of the movies on huge screens called IMAX screens. But, many of the movies have not been actually recorded on an IMAX camera, rather, you just watch them on an IMAX screen.

Some things to remember before taking an IMAX experience

Also, an article by tells that most of these IMAX screens are not an actual IMAX screen. Rather, they are normal screens installed in theaters. All that the theaters do is remove som of the starting rows of the theater and install the screen a bit onward. But, actually, the screen is not any bigger than a normal theater screen. Also, some of the theaters use two screens actually to make the picture brighter. But, after all, a fake is always a fake. And hence, the experience is not very good



Problems with an IMAX camera

For a better IMAX experience, IMAX shoot is important. But, the problem with the IMAX cameras makes it difficult for the cinematographer to shoot with complex cameras. It must be noted, that from 1976 to now, IMAX’S 2D camera is the highest resolution camera all over the world. Usage of such high-quality IMAX cameras for shooting makes the IMAX experience a better one for the viewers as well as the others.

Http:// is concerned about its readers and for the betterment of them. It suggests in most of its IMAX related articles that the viewers should research well before heading to an IMAX theater. You can read all recent news and make sure that your IMAX experience is not a bad one.



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