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Medical professionals are constantly stressing the importance of exercise and strong muscles for their own health. The different training devices promote strength, speed, endurance and agility. With your own fitness equipment, you can train independently of opening times and can follow your individual training goals consistently.

Which is fitness equipment suitable for beginners?

If you have not done much or no sports, your first task is the basic training. A fitness machine for cardio training trains your endurance by improving the oxygen supply to the muscles and strengthening them. The cardio training is also suitable for warm-up training before you start your strength training with the aid of other training equipment. You may check all the instruments here – used-gym-equipment


What is the difference between guided fitness equipment and free exercise equipment?

In fitness studios, there are many devices with guided movements. For beginners, this form of training is safer because the correct movement is predefined and therefore easy to implement. The free movement of the fitness equipment with more degrees of freedom allows you to train your muscles more variedly. The free exercise equipment also targets smaller muscles and improves intramuscular coordination. In this case, the correct movement is important in order to avoid incorrect loading.

Which is fitness equipment suitable for which muscle groups?

Strong abdominal muscles look good and improve the body. A belly trainer is the perfect training device, and a power station offers numerous exercises for effective abdominal training. Equally important is the training of the back muscles, especially when you work in the office and sit for hours every day. In the case of back pain, training the muscles is one of the most effective measures. Take a closer look at the fitness equipment on together with classic pull-ups it is one of the basic exercises in the field of power sport. At Gympros, you will find the right fitness equipment for your personal training program, whether it is for beginners, advanced or professional.

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