Hardware and software of the computer

As we all know computers are probably the most important and significant inventions in the past hundred years or so. Computers have literally become our lifeline as we can do nothing without using them. They are really important to people in every field of work and even at our homes. The knowledge of computers has become mandatory by the education board of all countries because computers have become a mandatory device that we all are bound to use in order call ourselves literate. So you should know about the basic categorization of the computer components.

The components of a computer system are basically divided into two parts. These are known as the hardware and software. Talking about hardware, to be very easy with the explanation it consists of all the components of the computer that can be seen or touched.

printer drivers

So this includes a lot of things such as the mouse, keyboard, CPU, printer, Monitor and so on. You can actually physically touch these components and that’s why they are called hardware. But hardware needs software in order to work and function. For an example, a printer can be connected to a computer but the only way it is every going to work is when printer drivers are installed in the computer.

The printer drivers can be considered as software. The components of a computer that cannot be physically seen or touched but are there in the computer are known as the software. A computer would be pretty much lifeless and vegetative if there are no softwares in it. Microsoft Office, Google Chrome, Printer drivers are few examples of softwares that will you understand it better. Understanding and brief knowledge about the computers have become mandatory in today’s time in order to get a job.


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