How Can Employee Poaching Benefit An Organization?

The requirement of talented employees is always available. All organizations recruit fresh talents through several platforms like online job portals or newspaper advertisements. But at times it so happens that a company does not get the appropriate candidate through these platforms, so, the only option left with them is employee poaching from competitive organizations. The alluring offers made influence employees and they navigate here to these companies.

Benefits of employee poaching

Employee poaching can be very advantageous for organizations. These include the following –

  • The company gets employees who are already trained and have relevant work experience that is of use to the company.

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  • Hiring experienced candidates saves the cost of training.
  • The organization can get information about their rival company when their employee joins the organization.
  • These employees have new thoughts which in turn encourage other old employees to come up with fresh ideas.
  • The new employees can give reference of others who can be poached from the former company.
  • These employees ask more questions regarding the different aspects the company which encourages the company to review their work processes.
  • It brings n a feeling of competition among old employees as they know they have to compete with a new employee who already has past knowledge from a rival company.
  • The company who hires the talent gains one performer and the competitor loses that talent.
  • If the training and development system is weak, then that can be identified and improved once the new employee points it out.
  • It adds diversity to the working environment. A stagnant phase of the company can be removed as the introduction of an employee of a competitive organization shakes up the internal working procedures.

Thus there are various prospects that employee poaching can bring to a company. It is a concept which can bring positive results if carried out ethically.


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