How to care your hamster?

Hamster are nocturnal creatures, they are small and kept as pet. But even before deciding on having a hamster, plan it likewise by having proper shelter for your pet. You can refer to hamstercageguide before stepping into buying a cage. Read about different types of hamster and the one you are interested in. Read all about them, what to feed and how to take care of them before making a decision to buy. Once you have a whole idea on what to go for, visit a pet store and buy one. Make sure that you take expert advice also. While buying, make sure that your hamster has a regular size and weight. Go for a healthy one. Ask if it doesn’t have any deformities. Make a thorough check, decide on the color and breed and bring it home. Be sure that you have all the basic amenities for your hamster settled in. Buy a cage with bedding, exercise equipment and some toys in it. You can know all the things related to cage at hamstercageguide.




Place your hamster inside the cage and give it some time to adjust. Don’t force it up to mingle right at that time. Make sure that the cage is placed at the right spot. You should have warm bedding so that it doesn’t feel cold. See that the cage is closed properly else there are chances your hamster may escape. Most hamsters grow alone. So don’t try to give them company by having two at a place. They will fight often when kept in same cage. Feed your hamster properly. Give them fresh food. If you see your hamster leaving food, make sure that you remove them. Also remove droppings every day. Else it will make the cage stinky. Tame your hamster right. Involve it in exercising and spend some time with them playing.

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