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The ability to be self-sufficient is engrained within man. It takes only the will to gain knowledge of survival skills and enlighten the presence of mind and they can make it through any hardship. There are several basic worries which can haunt people.

Danger does not come with a warning and neither does it come with a prescription to make it through the turbulent times. My Survival Forum and other such forums act as platforms which help people know the possible calamities that they can face and learn how to deal with them.

What constitutes disasters?

There are obvious disasters such as earthquakes, tides, cyclones and other natural disasters which have multiplied due to interference of man. These are the common calamities that man prepares for. Many forums discuss post-traumatic stress disorder or how to make it through that period.

my survival forum

Other dangerous situations are often avoided, accidents occur all the time and prevention and aiding those affected at such a point of time is seldom discussed. There are also mental disasters which people turn a blind eye to. Platforms like My Survival Forum not only shed light on these issues but help those affected cope and overcome such stress.

Utility of My Survival Forum

What is the use of such forums is a common question asked by those who are new to trying such services. The basic purpose is to give everyone a voice. Those who have problems approach these sites and write their experiences. Soon the other members of the forum read and respond.

The person with the problem soon finds that others like them have faced the same or similar situation and through their own experience provide solutions or coping mechanisms. This works in two ways:

  • It helps the person to not feel lonely.
  • Provides solutions that have worked in the past.

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