What is Openbox?


Openbox is the stackingwindowmanager which is free and it is of the X window system. It is derived from Black box and has been written in the C programming language. It is the manager which is designedsuchthat it is fastand small and is completely compliant of the inter client. There are many features whichare supported by Openbox which includes the menus using which the user can easily control the applications and can alsodisplay some dynamic information. It is the standard window which is used in the Linux distributions.


How it looks?

It has the right click option at theroot menu which allows the users to configure in the same way as they do with the windows. When the window is minimized the menu becomesinvisible. It is highly configurable and has the next generation window manager which has extensive standard support. The visionstyle of the box is wellknown as it has the minimalist appearance. The Openbox uses the visualstyle and provides number ofthemeproperties. It allows you to get the latestapplication from the full desktopenvironment. The modern application is written keeping in mind the KDE and GNOME.

Openbox provides the environmentwhich allows the applications to work in theway they are designed. It allows you to change the every aspect with the desktop in new way to use and control it.  It can act as the video game for controllingthewindows system. It can be keptsimple and it can bekept in the default setting which allows anyone to use it. It makes the desktop environment a better one. You can combine the functionality and ease with Openbox power. The desktop become faster and clean. It can besaid that your desktop is in yourcontrol when you are using the Openbox.


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